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Fire Safe Cabinet in cairo city
شانونات صاج Fire resistant filing cabinet FRC4 in Cairo city is used for long term storage (10-100 years) of very important papers or medium and data. Paper storage types include primarily important files, agreements, coupons, archived documents, notes, valued calligraphy and paintings, stocks, bonds etc., while medium and data storage types include important magnetic medium and archives such as magnetic disk and tape, micro-disk, recorded data, visual video data and flash disk, VCD/DVD, mobile hard disk etc. to protect stored paper and medium highly sensitive to temperature and humidity change, dust environment from humid and dust intrusion, ensuring your paper and data safety. شانونات , شانونات مصفحه
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I. Features of the Fire Safe Cabinet FRC4 Drawer 180 minutes Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet

Each drawer is independently fire resistant so it will protect your paper documents even if another drawer is left open. The double wall construction withstands temperatures in excess of 2010ºC for 180 minutes. This 4 drawer fireproof filing cabinet accommodates A4 and foolscap files on width adjustable rails, and each drawer will hold approximately 200kgs of files.

cabinet cairo
Fire Safe Cabinet  Cairo

Drawer slides approved by SGS
Surface painting processed by electro static plastic spraying.
Cabinet adopts drawers structure, convenient design for human operation in storage process
Surface was painted with light grey. Special color can be customized as per customer’s requirement.
Adjustable archive shelves frame: based on the paper quantity the archive shelves frame could be adjusted to adapt and accommodate and archive arrangement neatly.
Independent locking device: each drawer has independent locking device (standard fire resistant Key Lock), managing each drawer separately.
Each drawer has automatic locking mechanism: following a gentle push-in after each open-close operation, the drawer could snap-in spontaneously, keeping tightly clutched.
Interlocking device is arranged between every 2 drawers: the user does not necessarily use independent locking in each drawer once interlocking device applied which makes overall drawers locked by one single lock. The interlocking device is set normally at factory. The interlocking device is set at the outside of each drawer’s right board.
The cabinet is made up of premium galvanized steel sheet from Bao Steel, with body sheet thickness over 1mm, base thickness over 1.5mm.

شانونات مصفحه
شانونات مصفحه

WELKO fire resistant filing cabinet (FRC) conforms to CE, SP etc. international standard and approved accordingly. It was widely used in various industries across, successfully protect property loss in the fire accidents.

WELKO fire resistant filing cabinet (FRC) locking device integrates optionally not only high quality premium Combination Lock but with dual set fire resistant lock (CE approved), featuring aesthetic acceptance and feasible operation, meeting office requirement and operation habit, of highly reliabilities.

          Unique physical desiccant ensures magnetic record, tape and disk safely stored humid highly sensitive environment
شانونات مصفحه
شانونات مصفحه

II. شانونات مصفحه The Top 10 Brands THANG LONG GOLD BRAND AWARD

  Origin: WELKO SAFE

Nhãn hiệu WELKO đã được bảo hộ tại Việt nam do CỤC SỞ HỮU TRÍ TUỆ CẤP TỪ NĂM 2009 (được Cục Sở Hữu Trí Tuệ cấp theo quyết định số 3737/QĐ-SHTT ngày 24/2/2009 Chứng nhận nhãn hiệu số: 120132)

                               Products according to international standards:

    SGS Iso 9001:2015

    Certificate: VN 16/0059

    Certificate VINCAS 049-QMS (IAF)

    Certificate 01:2010/VTNH&ATKQ

شانونات مصفحه
 Specific USe
شانونات مصفحه FRC4 Cabinet
 Cabinet - FRC4
 Weight  360 ± 10Kg
 External size  H 1.550 * W 530 * D 770
Internal size
 H    292 * W 386 * D 635
 Function    Fireproof, high - temperature - proof
Surface treatment  Powder coating against rusting
Fire resistance
 2010°C - 180 minutes
 Certification UL TL-15, UL TL-30, UL TL-30*6
 Type Office Furniture .....
Place of Origin
 Made in Korea
 Color  White
Brand Name  WELKO
 Product Warranty
 05 Year
 We commit
 We will bring to you the best product

شانونات صاج

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